Halton RAF Engagement Day

RAF Halton pulled out all the stops to celebrate 100 years of military flying in the area at the Engagement Day on Wednesday 18 September 2013.

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Lord Alfred Rothschild invited the Army to land on his property as part of the preparation for the War that everyone feared was coming. Squadron 3 of the Royal Flying Corps duly appeared on 18 September 1913.

This led to the establishment of an Army training camp on the Halton Estate and hence we have recently excavated trenches.

Eventually the RAF developed out of the Royal Flying Corpssection of the British Army. RAF Halton was home to the No1 School of Technical Training and apprentices were trained from January 1922 for 73 years.

Today Halton is the Gateway to the Royal Air Force of the 21st Century, and continues to uphold the Trenchard tradition of excellence. It no longer trains aircraft engineers, but the equally important support trades such as administration, catering, and logistics; leadership, management and career development are widely covered in the curriculum. Following in the footsteps of their apprentice predecessors, young recruits both male and female undergo 9 weeks’ basic training before embarking on their trade training. In October 1997, Halton was honoured with a Queen’s Colour in recognition of its outstanding contribution to training over many years.

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