Happy & Well Yoga

I would like to introduce Happy&Well Yoga – a new Wendover based yoga for kids and adults company created following my recent qualification as kids and adults yoga teacher. I am interested in passing on the incredible knowledge I have gained to as many kids and adults as I can!

My name is Sabina Dye and my own Yoga journey stared in 2008, when I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands due to an unexpected redundancy in the middle of the financial crisis, but as they say ‘Every cloud…’ I found a great gym next door to our apartment block and I was trying out all the classes that were on offer. One of them happened to be a Yoga class, which really got me hooked!

Since then I was doing Yoga regularly. When we moved from London to Wendover I was very happy to find Sarah’s Yoga class, which I am still happily attending every week! Sarah inspired me to become a Yoga Teacher.

Originally, I qualified in Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) for Kids in September 2017, and following that, I started a full Level 3 Yoga Teacher course with HFE in London to further my knowledge of yoga, anatomy and physiology and principles of exercise. I completed the HFE Level 3 course on March 2018 and started teaching pre-school kids at Wendover Library on Friday mornings. Adult classes to follow shortly!

When I took the first course with Kidding Around Yoga for Kids, I had so much fun with my fellow Yogis, most of whom were teachers who came to learn how they can help kids to relax, to move and to have fun! We all had more fun at the course than all of us could remember! We went back to our bodies – we danced, we did yoga poses to fun songs, we meditated, we were mindful and learned Pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation after a great workout that was more fun than work!!!

That course made me realise that I finally found what I would love doing for the rest of my life – it’s Yoga for All – kids and adults! We all need what Yoga can offer!

Later on, when I started doing my Level 3 Yoga Teacher Course, I learned how amazing, deep and ancient the Philosophy of Yoga is! It blew my mind yet again, it’s as if I am discovering new levels of this incredible Science of Human Body, Mind, Spirit, Breath and much more besides. Learning never stops!

It feels like we are rediscovering Yoga again to help us Human BEings to remember who we are and how to BE in our bodies and in this amazing World of ours, how to honour them, how amazing we are and how much we can do if we look after our ‘Selves’, and if we connect with the Self within us – how much wisdom, calm and space is hidden inside each of us.

If you are ready to learn yoga, I will be more than happy to teach you and your little ones! KAY provides an amazing fun filled curriculum designed to motivate children to be active, build confidence and manage the spectrum of emotions that they experience in their day-to-day activities. KAY offers yoga in a fun and easy way, incorporating mindfulness, meditation, exercise and stress management for kids of all ages and for Mums and Carers as well!

As a Kidding Around Yoga instructor, I implement the fantastic KAY system that incorporates cardiovascular conditioning, fun and original music, plus all of the traditional benefits of Yoga – meditation, breathing techniques, peace and deep relaxation.

Yoga for Kids and Mums Classes are held in Wendover Community Library every Friday at 9.30 -10.15am term time only.I look forward to meeting you and your little ones soon!

Find out more here: www.happywellyoga.com and check out my Facebook page @happywellyoga for information, photos and certificates.

Sabina Dye

Contact: sabina.dye@happywellyoga.com

Mobile: +44(0)7578183711

Facebook Page: @happywellyoga