Have your say as a member of Buckinghamshire Council’s Customer Partnership Panel

Buckinghamshire Council is calling on residents to join its Customer Partnership Panel, giving them the chance to offer their views and feedback on how the council can improve its website, online forms and other communication methods.

The panel was launched late last year and is now seeking new members aged 18 and over from all walks of life. Applicants must live within the Buckinghamshire Council area.

As a panel member, residents will have the opportunity to participate in surveys several times a year to provide their views on how the council communicates with residents, as well as providing feedback on the council’s digital services.

Panel members will be invited to participate in up to four surveys a year and the majority of these will be conducted online. However, some may involve a telephone call or focus groups. Panel members can choose how they wish to be contacted and whether they wish to participate. They can also leave the panel whenever they wish.

Members of the panel will be reimbursed for reasonable traveling expenses and offered refreshments at any face-to-face meetings.

John Chilver, Cabinet Member for Accessible Housing and Resources, commented:

“If you’re a resident of Bucks, we want to hear from you! By being a member of our Customer Partnership Panel you can make sure your opinions are included when we make improvements to our website, online forms, and the other ways we communicate with residents.

“So if you’ve ever reported, requested, or submitted something using our website and think that it could be better or easier, then please tell us. Your feedback will help us shape the council’s digital vision for the future.”

Panel members don’t need a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, as full IT support can be given in one of the council’s libraries if needed.

Regular feedback will be sent to panellists, showing how survey results have influenced decisions, and all survey results will be made publicly available online.

For more information about the Customer Partnership Panel, and where to sign up, visit Buckinghamshire Council’s website at: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/customer-partnership-panel