Healthy Tip: Back to School

As the summer holidays come to an end, it’s a great idea to think about giving your kids a healthy and nutritious start to the next school year. Summers are full of fun adventures and quality family time, but they can also be full of eating out, ice creams and late nights! If this sounds like your summer, your little one could be running on low stores in terms of nutrition and energy. Here are some tips to help them have a healthy start to the school year.


  • What a child eats at breakfast time can dramatically impact their day. Sugar-filled cereals can leave a child hungry, lethargic and grumpy come mid-morning. Try swapping for a breakfast that is higher in protein such as scrambled eggs on toast or porridge and serve with some fruit. Protein is the building block of life and will help keep our little one’s tummies full and their energy stable.


  • It’s important that our kids stay well hydrated for them to feel their best and get the most out of their school day. Getting kids to drink enough water can be a struggle, letting them pick their own water bottle can help.

After School Snacks

  • Kids are often very hungry by the end of the school day, which is a great opportunity to offer them a more nutritious option. Low-sugar homemade flapjacks or blueberry muffins are perfect and can be batch cooked. But if you’re short on time, something simple like some wholewheat crackers with cream cheese or a sandwich with nut butter is a much better option than sugar filled, processed snacks.


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