Healthy Tip: Healthy Bank Holiday


  • Always start the day with a good breakfast as this sets the tone for the day and encourages you to choose healthy options at other mealtimes. Consuming a breakfast rich in protein will help keep you fuller for longer and a portion of wholegrain carbohydrate will give you the energy you need to power your morning. Why not try scrambled egg and avocado on wholegrain toast or fresh fruit with low-fat yoghurt and low-sugar granola?

Choose healthier drinks

  • Consuming too much alcohol can have a negative impact on your heart, but the good news is there are so many healthier and delicious, alcohol-free drinks available nowadays. A simple soda water with fresh lemon is delightful, or you could try a gut-loving kombucha or simply choose alcohol free versions of the alcoholic beverages you usually consume. These drinks generally contain fewer calories than normal soft drinks and alcoholic tipples and won’t leave you with a fuzzy head the following day.

Drop the guilt

  • Bank holidays are usually a time when families and friends meet up to enjoy some quality time together. Often this includes an abundance of less healthy food and drink options to tempt us. Avoid over-indulging, by giving yourself permission to enjoy a moderate amount of food and drinks that are higher in sugar, salt, fat or alcohol, and enjoy it without feeling guilty. If you are planning a BBQ this weekend, you might want to check out our Healthy Tip on BBQs.

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