Healthy Tip: National Simplicity Day

What could a little simplicity bring to your life? Simplicity means something a little different for each person and finding the right balance for your life will always be the best path forward.

Tuesday 12th July is National Simplicity Day, an event inspired by the life and work of American philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Here, we explore a few ways to bring more simplicity to your everyday life.

Acknowledge Positive Emotions

  • Keep in mind that joy can be found in the little things. This could be a scent that reminds you of home, your favourite song on the radio, your morning coffee, or a telephone call with a friend. In these moments, aim to be fully present and be aware of any emotions you feel.

Enjoy Regular Movement

  • We know that physical activity makes you feel good. So, to feel better, think about what type of exercise you like to do, stick to it, and make it part of your routine! Even a simple walk can boost your mood.

Be Present

  • It can be easy for our minds to focus on the future, especially when doing tasks we may not particularly enjoy. Yet we know that being present can benefit our minds, increase happiness and reduce feelings of overwhelm. So next time you are doing your daily chores, aim to direct your mind towards the task at hand and be aware of any changes in how you feel as a result.

There are many more ways you can simplify your living, hopefully this has given you food for thought.

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