Hearing Loss and Dementia

At Aston Hearing we have long recognised the importance of treating hearing loss effectively to stave off many of the symptoms that make dementia worse. The symptoms of untreated hearing loss are so similar to those of dementia and the diagnosis of the condition relies heavily on auditory comprehension and response which is a real challenge with any level of hearing deprivation.“The benefits of correcting hearing loss on cognition are twice as large as the benefits from any cognitive-enhancing drugs now on the market. It should be the first thing we focus on”. – P Murali Doraiswamy, Duke University School of Medicine.

The other main consequence of untreated hearing loss is dangerously slipping into social isolation. This can creep up on people, even those living with family. Hearing loss can make communication a challenge and it is very easy to find people becoming less and less involved with their friends, family and the community. To further support those with hearing loss to keep connected we offer two drop-in monthly coffee mornings – one in Thame and one in Amersham to encourage people to keep connected and keep talking in a safe, comfortable arena, where we will support their hearing and recognise the challenges.