Heatwave alert level raised across Buckinghamshire early next week

Buckinghamshire Council is asking residents to be aware and take sensible precautions across the weekend and early next week now the UK Health Security Agency has issued a ‘level 4 alert’.

This comes after the Met Office updated its weather warnings for this region, with a rare ‘red extreme heat warning’ in force for Buckinghamshire on Monday and Tuesday.  Temperatures are currently predicted to reach 35-38c in the area on those days.


It means population-wide adverse health effects might be experienced, not limited to those most vulnerable, which in turn means the Council is taking a number of actions.

  • Residents are urged to keep up to date with information and advice from the Met Office, the government and the NHS
  • Information from these organisations will be shared on our social media channels across the weekend and into next week
  • Please be familiar with basic health advice in hot temperatures, such as how to spot the signs of dehydration, and how to keep young children cool
  • Importantly, limit physical exertion during extreme heat to avoid the risk of heat exhaustion
  • If you must travel, take common sense precautions such as carrying extra water
  • Never leave anyone in a parked vehicle in the hot weather


There is updated advice on the Council’s website.


The Council has also:

  • Issued updated advice to local schools, who are taking local decisions on whether to stay open next week – some have already chosen to close or move to remote. learning. Schools will communicate directly with parents and carers and a list of school closures is on the council’s website. Parents and carers should direct questions to their school in the first instance.
  • Enacted its Severe Weather Emergency Provision for the homeless. If you find yourself sleeping rough or see someone sleeping out on the streets in Buckinghamshire, contact ‘Streetlink’ online or by calling 0300 500 0914.
  • Made provisions for roads impacted by the extreme heat that start to melt. We ask residents to report any instances via FixMyStreet and we can treat the surface with granite dust.
  • Moved all waste collections to an earlier start through next week to help keep crews safe when they are working in the extreme temperatures. Rounds will begin at 6am each day next week; please ensure your bin is left outside no later than 6am.
  • Echoed the advice from the emergency services – the ground and grass is extremely dry so BBQs and bonfires come with far greater risks; please consider the dangers, likewise around water and water safety.


Martin Tett is Leader of Buckinghamshire Council. He said:

“We do expect temperatures to be unprecedented in Buckinghamshire in the early part of next week and I want to strongly urge people not to under-estimate the risk to health, even in the fit and strong. Please also remember to take care of any pets you may have during this exceptional weather. Do not leave them locked in cars or rooms. Also ensure that they also have sufficient water.

“The best thing we can all do is to monitor the information and advice that’s available from the Met Office, the government and the NHS and we will of course keep residents fully updated via our website and social media. Enjoy the sunshine but do not under-estimate the potential impact of the heat on health, and please look out for any elderly or vulnerable relatives, friends and neighbours.”