Help for people with a hearing loss

It’s an invisible disability and can affect people of all ages.  When eyesight is failing people don’t hesitate to get glasses, but with hearing loss most wait around 10 years before taking a hearing test.  Social occasions become fraught with difficulty which can lead to isolation and depression.

Lipreading tutor Judy Perry, who has a hearing loss herself, runs classes in Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss in the Community Room at the Library.  Judy says “Deafness isn’t a joke; it doesn’t mean we’re stupid or getting old.  It’s very easy to misunderstand speech if you can’t hear clearly.  Hearing aids help but they are not a ‘cure’, they tend to amplify all sounds so it’s still difficult in noisy situations.  Lipreading, using your eyes to help your ears, enables you to fill in the gaps.  As well as the basics of lipreading, the classes provide information about useful strategies and equipment.  Everyone’s in the same boat and we have a lot of fun!”

Judy will be running a FREE one-hour taster session on Friday 13 September at 11am. If you, or someone you know, struggles to hear clearly they would benefit from joining a lipreading class.

For further information contact Judy on 07837 993923 or email

For classes in other areas see