Help your Child overcome the Impact of COVID-19 on their Science Education

With important GCSE and A-Level exams, particularly Science, just nine months away, what options do parents have to support their children?

No matter how well students have focused during the lockdown their learning will have undoubtedly suffered from the lack of:

  • student–teacher interaction
  • peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • confidence

that working in isolation will cause.

The Department for Education has recently released the result of its consultation on next year’s exams which can be summarised as:

  • no delay in the dates
  • no reduction in the scope of the exams
  • no additional school hours

The only concession in the Science exams is that students will not have to complete the core practicals. Students will have no preferential treatment over previous years.

This means students who are hoping to study Science at A-Level or at University or indeed work in STEM related employment (where a good pass in Science is critical) will need a little help.

The solution is tutoring. At BCP Micro Academy a team of senior, highly experienced science teachers has created a comprehensive 26-week recovery programme (starting 19 October 2020) for each of the Sciences to be delivered via small group tuition (3-5 students). Our tutorials are based in the White Hill Centre, Chesham and full details can be found at

Contact us now whilst we have places.