How to make your kitchen look luxe

Heatherfields kitchen by Kebbell

Andrea Fawell, Sales and Marketing Director at Kebbell, the property developers known for their elegant and high quality homes, has taken the time to share their top tips on how to make your kitchen look and feel welcoming yet luxe:-


  1. Hardworking but beautiful kitchens need to be clutter free. Kitchens are no longer just places to prepare and cook your meals, but a central space for quality family time, dining and entertaining. Because it is such a busy place clutter is unhelpful. Aim to keep your worktops as large sweeping spaces free of paperwork, bits and bobs and ingredients.  Organise your cupboard space and recycle gadgets, crockery and kitchen aids you don’t use anymore.


  1. Love your lighting: Lighting in kitchens is often overlooked so make sure you take the time to consider it. As well as practical LED lighting why not add something unexpected like a chandelier or statement pendants to create a feature element in your kitchen. Localised lighting for every working surface offers higher illuminance in specific positions whilst also creating ambience.


  1. Use art to give an upmarket feel: Artwork elevates any room, gives a nod to your artistic side and can add a pop of colour to a neutral kitchen.


  1. Refresh your cabinets: If your cabinets are looking a little tired change the cabinet doors to revitalise the kitchen. Perhaps opt for deep pigmented heritage shades if your kitchen is large or choose lighter colours to create the illusion of space.


  1. Rediscover your fridge: Clear your fridge door of postcards, thank you notes and letter magnets if you are looking for a sleek appearance. Keep treasured items in a study or bedroom perhaps.


  1. Splash out on new splashbacks: They are key to a kitchen. You can modernise the look of the kitchen by adding glossy tiles, reflective coloured glass, textured antique European style tiles or rhythmic Arabic patterned tiles. Marble tiles are increasingly a go-to style too. Whatever you style this is your opportunity to let it shine through!


  1. Invest in a standout item: Choose a standout piece like a beautiful stone sink or a gorgeous new tap to make your kitchen a talking point.


  1. Sumptuous countertops? Update your worktops with marble, quartz or granite, or if you have a country style home then smooth wooden counters can look particularly beautiful.


  1. Refresh your paintwork every year because splashes of tomato or oil stains are never a good look! Create a feature wall with creative wallpaper or a grandiose deep coloured paint. Pantone’s colour of the year is Classic Blue, which evokes feelings of calm and serenity.


  1. Herbs and plants: Plants add to the elegance of any space, help to filter the air and studies show that being around plants is soothing and restorative. Display fresh herbs on your windowsill in matching pots to add a lovely fragrance to your kitchen and as well as your cooking. Invest in other potted plants or weekly cut flowers displayed in a beautiful vase. Buy a special one-of-a-kind driftwood bowl to display fresh fruit.


  1. Dress the kitchen window: Kitchen windows are often left neglected, but a room will not look ‘finished’ if the window is left undressed. Traditional shutters look upmarket, are practical and a good investment. Elegant rooms are light and airy, so make sure the windows are clean and free from clutter.


  1. Have striking features like a sleek coffee machine, or copper pans, iron casserole dishes or an old style kettle positioned proudly on your hob to trigger feelings of home-cooked food and warmth. Sparkling long stemmed wine glasses on display on an open shelf or within a glass cabinet with interior lighting will get you ready for entertaining friends and family.

Andrea Fawell