HS2 & EKFB Construction update, October 2021

Our site compounds are progressing into full mobilisation with the latest set up at Nash Lee Road looking to take delivery of their cabins and welfare units in September. Alongside this, the batching plant locations will be coming online which means that the capacity to create concrete on site eliminates the need for additional vehicles on the local road networks.

Throughout the HS2 route there are some structures which need to be demolished in order to construct the trace. In Wendover we have been preparing to demolish some properties on Ellesborough Road and on the A413 to make way for what is called the critical path of the railway line.

When we take down a building, we remove materials and strip the building back to its base structure. Once the frame is exposed, we make final checks and then complete the clearance. We also look to recycle materials from the locations where we can.

This autumn for further vegetation clearance, we will need to install some temporary traffic management along the A413 and complete some of the works outside of core working hours. This is to ensure that we are felling and clearing undergrowth safely and efficiently.

The test piling work at Small Dean has been completed successfully which saw one of the largest piling rigs in the country brought in to carry out the work!

The next piling that is required is called sheet piling which will be put in place along the existing network rail line. This is needed to support the stability of the line around our works. We can only work close to the line when there are no running trains, therefore these works will have to be completed overnight, outside of normal working hours. We intend to split the works over consecutive weekends when the lines are at their quietest and to avoid disruption during weeknights.

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