HS2 Mined Tunnel and Construction Plan Update

Mined Tunnel

Progress is being made on the submission for David Lidington to present to the Department of Transport on our behalf. A new Minister responsible for HS2 has been appointed since the General Election and we hope he overturns his predecessor’s decision to reject the proposal to replace the Green Tunnel with a Bored Tunnel.

We have received advice from a Parliamentary Solicitor regarding the procedures necessary for HS2 Ltd to acquire additional land required for the Bored Tunnel and are awaiting a report from our Quantity Surveyor consultant, who is a nationally known expert on railway costs, to confirm the savings that could be made in using this method. Once this information is received we can complete our submission and hope that we have a speedy decision in our favour.

Construction Programme

It has been confirmed that the Contractor for the main part of the scheme will be appointed within the next few weeks. He then has 6 months to prepare an initial design for the scheme followed by the detailed design of all structures including viaducts, tunnels etc at a later stage.

HS2 Ltd have also given us details of the initial work being carried out. It must be noted that the dates given are their baseline dates but as the work is being carried out by utility bodies and contractors the dates given may be amended when their detailed programmes are confirmed.

The dates are as follows:

Summer/Autumn 2017 – Ecology and Archaeological work will commence. This will include the identification of various endangered species, particularly bats, which will be relocated to other areas not affected by the railway works.

January 2019 – Work to the water mains to the east side of the A413 Small Dean Area

May 2019 – Temporary diversion of main sewer and the water main on the south side of Ellesborough Road with completion of the new sewer and water main in March 2021

July 2019 – Commencement of work by National Grid in the relocation of Pylons etc.

September 2019 – Construction work to form the access road to the main Contractors compound at Grove Farm. Together with the Commencement of the construction of the Small Dean Viaduct with completion due early 2021. Also construction of Green tunnel including the stopping up of Ellesborough Road although this would depend on completion of the roadworks in Stoke Mandeville area as this is the diversion route. This is due to be completed in March 2022

September 2020 – Construction of the Small Dean North Embankment with completion due early 2021

Robert Grace, Wendover Parish Council