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Mined Tunnel

As residents will be aware The Wendover Society managed to persuade the government to replace one of the proposed viaducts by a tunnel insisting that it should be a cut and cover tunnel (Green Tunnel). They finally succeeded in getting this tunnel enlarged. Their latest attempt was for the proposed Green Tunnel to be replaced by a Mined Tunnel, which they felt would cause less disruption and upon advice was cheaper to build. Helped by our Local MP David Lidington they managed to present their views directly to the Under Secretary of State responsible for HS2 (Andrew Jones) but unfortunately their proposal was rejected. In the circumstances as the cost of their Consultant’s work was paid by funds provided by members (and a grant given by the Parish Council) they felt that to incur further costs would be unfair, so they decided to give up their fight. However, the Parish Council felt that it was their duty to their parishioners to do all they can to pursue the matter further so they have decided to take over what the Wendover Society started and take up the baton. Work has already started to prepare a statement answering the government’s reasons for the last rejection. David Lidington has agreed to present this to the Secretary of State when Parliament reassembles after the General Election.

Improvements to cycleways

As part of mitigation works HS2 Ltd undertook to provide finance to Bucks County Council for the improvement of cycleways in the Wendover area. BCC have already consulted local cycle groups and together with the Parish Council are drafting a proposal. Before the proposal is finalised they would like to hear from anyone with suggestions to make, improve or create new cycleways. Please contact Emily Wingfield of Bucks County Council on ewingfield@buckscc.gov.uk. Once responses are received a detailed proposal will be available for Public Consultation before work starts.