HS2 Royal Assent Imminent

As mentioned last month, Wendover Parish Council have now set up a new Committee to represent the community in all aspects of the building of the new railway. Its brief is to take any action necessary to reduce where possible the impact of HS2 on Wendover and the surrounding areas, working closely with other organisations and local authorities to achieve this.

The Hybrid Bill has been through the report and Committee stages of the House of Lords and has now been passed back to the House of Commons to agree the amendments added by the Lords.They set down a meeting for 20 February to agree the amendments proposed by the House of Lords and if agreed, Royal Assent will be granted. If agreement is not reached then it has to go back to the Lords on a ping pong basis but in any event it is expected to be approved so that the Royal Assent will be granted by the end of February or the beginning of March at the latest.

Once this has been given, HS2 Ltd will give its Contractors the go ahead to start work. The first contract is for enabling works which entails taking possession of the area, demolition of properties where necessary and arranging for all statutory services in the way to be moved. We are assured by HS2 Ltd that these have been planned so there is no disruption of services to Wendover and beyond. Also included is the closure or diversion of certain roads in the area but we have been assured that these will only happen when suitable alternative routes are available. This contract is expected to take 18 months, after which the main contract will commence.

We are in contact with HS2 Ltd and have had their assurance that we will be kept up to date with the programme of works and advised of any works that may affect Wendover. We will keep in contact with them and their Contractors throughout the whole project and will keep all residents advised of progress through updates in Wendover News. Latest information can also be obtained on the Wendover Parish website under HS2.

Robert Grace, Wendover Parish Council