HS2 Select Committee Visit Thursday 11 June 2015

The Parliamentary Select Committee for HS2 will be visiting Wendover on the morning of Thursday 11 June. They will come by coach so it is important that their passage is unhindered by parked cars in our narrower places such as Church Lane. They are coming to get the feel of Wendover and why so many people have petitioned. Be prepared to say why you support a fully bored tunnel rather than the cut and cover tunnel which is scheduled at the moment. The Committee is well aware of general comments, if you have a personal story then this is the time to tell it.

The timings of these stopping places have already changed since they were first announced so please watch online by clicking herefor any further alterations

There are two main places where the Select Committee will find it easy to interact with local people. Anyone who is interested in the future of Wendover should try to be in one of these places on Thursday 11 June.

  1. St Mary’s Church at 9.30am: ALL WELCOME, The committee is due to arrive 10.18 and stay for at least 20 minutes. Please be seated in advance of 9.30am to be briefed about the presentation. St Mary’s Church is designated as the largest public space in Wendover and is regularly used for community events, some of which require quiet as it is a high quality venue for musical events. For more details see these websites: St Mary’s Wendover,Wendover Music, Wendover Choral Society, Wendover U3A, Wendover Parish Council. There will be a presentation and opportunity for discussion so do come along if at all possible. This event should finish by 10.45am.
  2. Manor Waste at 10.55 until 11.10am: ALL WELCOME, this is a public space and it is market day so there should be plenty of individuals around for the Select Committee to talk to. If you cannot attend the church, this might be your opportunity to be available to discuss your household or business issue which will be affected by HS2.