HS2 Update for June 2010

New Deadline for EHS Responses

The Department of Transport has extended the deadline for responses to the Emergency Hardship Scheme (EHS) for properties affected by the proposed High Speed 2 rail link to Birmingham. The deadline is now 17th June 2010.

It just takes 30 seconds to help improve the very limited scheme at the HS2 Action Action Alliance website:- www.hs2actionalliance.org/index.php

Wendover Parish Council Responds

Wendover Parish Council has responded strongly to the Government’s proposals for a High Speed Train (HS2) with a preferred route that runs close to Wendover. The council in April viewed the maps and the available reports and voted to oppose the HS2 proposals and to work with local groups for the benefit of the community. Chairman, Cllr Sue Toft-Hunt has commented these proposals as they stand, have the potential to substantially change our vibrant community and the local economy.

A further concern is the Proposed Exceptional Hardship Scheme (EHS). This is an interim scheme and will last just until the route is confirmed, after which the compensation scheme is unknown.>

The EHS is intended to help people by providing compensation for those with a pressing need to sell their properties, but who are unable to do so, at a realistic market value, due to the HS2 proposals. The property market and values in a wide area have already been adversely affected by the HS2 proposals.

While the Parish Council recognised the importance of introducing such a scheme as soon as possible, the proposed scheme is too restrictive and imposes hardship on the local community.

The Parish Council, at its meeting on 4 May, decided to submit alternative proposals that would support the property market at un-blighted levels and include all properties affected by the proposed HS2 route. All that should be required is reasonable evidence that, due to HS2, a property cannot be sold at a realistic market price.

The Parish Council also strongly supported efforts by local groups to communicate the issues locally and urged all residents to respond.

Wendover HS2 Takes Action

Wendover HS2, previously known as WenSTAG, is continuing its campaign to protect Wendover, threatened by the Government’s preferred route for the proposed new High Speed Rail (HS2).

Over 300 local residents attended a meeting organised by Wendover HS2 (previously WenSTAG), at The Memorial Hall in April. County Councillor Marion Clayton was delighted by the high attendance. This shows the strength of feeling among local residents about the proposed HS2 preferred route. We are really thrilled by this support and hope everyone will get involved in fighting these damaging proposals.

So local people can see how the route may affect them and the value of their property, Wendover HS2 (previously WenSTAG) is holding an Open Day at the local Library on Saturday, 5th June 2010 between 10am – 4pm.

Members of Wendover HS2, including local Councillors and Wendover Society members, will be on hand to answer questions on all aspects of HS2. Come along and share your ideas for protecting Wendover and The Chilterns from such appalling devastation.

Wendover HS2 Committee members :

Bucks CC & AVDC Councillors
Wendover Parish Council observers
Local businessmen (no women yet!)