HS2 Update – December 2017

The Wendover Parish Council (WPC) HS2 Working Group is moving a number of things forward.

The Mined Tunnel – We are currently lobbying a strategic list of MPs and advisers to try to increase our influence on the HS2 design process. As a result of these efforts, meetings have been arranged with Sir John Randell, an advisor to the PM on environmental matters and Dominic Grieve MP. We continue to promote the message that a mined tunnel is the environmental, economic and common sense way to take HS2 past Wendover.

Hydrogeology – To ensure that best efforts are employed to safeguard the spring waters of Wendover a meeting has been arranged between WPC, the Environment Agency, CEK (HS2 contractors) and HS2 Ltd. The intention is to walk through the 5 areas of concern and then to get around a table and share ideas. I don’t know what the collective noun for a group of Hydrogeologists is, maybe a spurt, but we’ll have 4 at this meeting.

Air Quality (Dust) – I’ve now discussed the Air Quality issue with AVDC’s experts. They suggested that a photo record of areas likely to be subject to dust, showing how it is now, before construction, may be useful evidence. Starting now, photograph your property, foliage or other outdoor surfaces or other areas of concern regularly, building up a library of photos, date them and keep them safe. Should a dust complaint arise the difference should be easily apparent.

The work goes on…Tom Walsh,Chair, Wendover Parish Council