HS2 Update – September 2017

Bucks County Council has been busy working on some of the mitigation suggestions put forward to spend money available from HS2 Ltd. There have been more suggestions than money to pay for all of them. It is likely that HS2 Ltd and Bucks County Council will organise a local meeting so that the residents of Wendover can study what is being proposed on their behalf. Meanwhile, here is a flavour of some improvements which might eventually come into being:

A413 Wendover Cycleway ImprovementsMost modern considerations of cycleways attempt to separate cyclists from traffic. The best ones separate them from pedestrians, too. The cycleways which already exist to both North and South of Wendover have been identified as being in need of repair so these will have the highest priority. Studies have shown that the major routes A413 in the Aylesbury direction, B4009 in the Tring direction and A413 in the Great Missenden direction are places where serious incidents involving cyclists have happened in the last 5 years. The road to Great Missenden has little or no provision for cyclists and consequently, the most serious incidents have happened there.

Within Wendover there is also scope to improve cycling opportunities for short journeys. Popular destinations include canal, schools, train station, Chiltern Hills, Wendover Woods, Garden Centre, commercial centre including High Street.

Noise barriersThese are not the infamous noise barriers protecting Wendover from the noise of the HS2 high speed trains but protection from road traffic noise for Wendover, particularly during the construction of the railway, most notably at the portal which will give most noise bother to Chiltern Way Academy just off London Road.

Watch out for dates for the consultation!