HS2 Works Update: Local footpath closures in Wendover and Aylesbury

We’re writing to update you on our footpath closures in Wendover and Aylesbury, as well as our plans for cyclists and walkers on Small Dean Lane.

After publishing notifications in October and November, our site team were able to keep some local footpaths open to reduce the impacts on local communities. Whilst we have done our best to keep the footpaths open as much as possible, a number of these have had to be closed from last week and temporary signage is in place to warn residents of closures. Permanent signage will be installed in the coming weeks to provide information to residents.

Footpath SBH/32/1 – Hartwell

Due to safety reasons as construction works increase, we have closed footpath SBH/32/1 in Hartwell. A notification was published in October 2021 relating to footpath closures in the Hartwell area.

View or download our works notification

Footpaths in South-West Wendover

A number of footpaths in South-West Wendover including ELL/8/1 have now been closed for a period of around 3 years. A notification was published in November 2021 relating to these closures.

Please note footpath ELL/8/1 will be temporarily reopened during our closure of Ellesborough Road (for around two weeks) to allow walkers access between Wendover and the Ridgeway.

View or download our works notification

Small Dean Lane

We hope to keep Small Dean Lane open to walkers and cyclists on Sundays until the end of February 2022. Works are progressing on a new bridleway diversion to allow cyclists and walkers access during our extended closure of Small Dean Lane later this year. We anticipate that the bridleway will be opened in Spring 2022 and will provide a safe route between Dunsmore village and the A413 roundabout. We will be updating communities on our plans in the coming months.

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