ImageZ Camera Club visit Lindengate

The ImageZ Camera club at Weston Turville had their first meeting at Lindengate on the 13th June.

Lindengate is a Wendover based charity that helps people with all kinds of mental health needs in their continuing recovery, through the healing power of nature. Their 5 acre site is being developed to incorporate many wildlife areas and activities include gardening, construction, art and craft, conservation and cooking.

They are working with a number of conservation groups to support projects involving endangered species and the site has many wildflower meadows and different habitats for birds, bees and flowers alike. They have also just started to grow endangered tree species. Charlie Powell, one of the Co-founders and the Horticultural and Site Manager, gave us a talk on their plans and how everyone who is involved with Lindengate can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.

The club had an exclusive evening to create some nice photographs to help Lindengate, and of course to help our camera club members in improving their skills in photography. Imagez Camera club is the only Aylesbury based camera club and meets during the winter period at the Weston Turville Village Hall on a Tuesday evening. The club has guest speakers, courses, competitions and studio lighting set ups and anybody who comes along to join us will be made most welcome. During the summer months the club meets at a various venues every fortnight to take photographs. On the 20th June we attendeda member’s farm and had a lovely social evening taking photographs.

These are just a few photos taken at Lindengate, some just taken with a compact camera. if you are interested please contact us via our website

Derek Green, club blogger