Important News about the Wendover Pool and WSA

A lot of work is being done to keep the Wendover Pool open and WSA are very happy to announce that a new charity, to be called Wendover Swimming, is being formed to take over the Wendover Pool from the John Colet School so that the pool will continue to be available to thecommunity in the future. There will be a meeting for all WSA members to hear about the takeover and to express your views on it, at which there will also be an opportunity to vote on the future of the WSA. The meeting will be on Monday 9th December at 7:30pm in the Wendover Library Room. All members are welcome to attend.

As you know, the Wendover Pool was originally built by the community. For several years now the John Colet School has operated the pool and worked closely with the Wendover Swimming Association which has arranged swimming for the community. The John Colet School want to transfer the pool back to the community and so a new organisation, to be called Wendover Swimming, is being formed to take over the pool. Wendover Swimming will be an incorporated charity (aCIO) and will be run by a Board of Trustees (all of whom are also current volunteers or committee members for Wendover Swimming Association). The new Trustees are currently discussing the takeover with the John Colet School. Although these discussions are not yet finished the main points of the takeover are now clear. After the takeover the new organisation, Wendover Swimming CIO, will operate the Wendover Pool and provide swimming for the community. Once Wendover Swimming CIO has taken over the pool there will be no reason for WSA to continue.

On Monday 9th December, at 7:30pm in the Library Room, there will be a meeting for all members of WSA to hear about the latest news on the takeover and to discuss what is planned. At the meeting the WSA committee will recommend that WSA should support the takeover, and, once Wendover Swimming CIO is formed, that WSA should transfer its records and cash to the new organisation and close down. The committee will then ask the members of WSA to support their recommendations.

All members are welcome to attend the meeting and to vote and the WSA committee look forward to seeing you there.

If you can not attend but would like to make your views known please reply to this email, and if you would like your vote to count please reply to this email with your vote, either in favour of, or against, each of the three resolutions below. If you would like to appoint the Chair of the meeting as your proxy, to vote for you, please reply to this email.

The resolutions to be proposed at the meeting will be as follows:
Resolution 1: That Wendover Swimming Association supports the take over of the Wendover Pool by Wendover Swimming CIO and supports the heads of agreement between the John Colet School and Wendover Swimming CIO.
Resolution 2: That Wendover Swimming Association will transfer its business, including its own records, its membership records, its cash and other assets, having settled its liabilities, to Wendover Swimming CIO when the Charity Commission has registered it.
Resolution 3: That once Wendover Swimming Association has transferred its business to Wendover Swimming CIO, it will close.