Improving Wendover Community Library

People from Wendover and the surrounding areas are being asked for their views on how Wendover Community Library might be improved.

The Community Library – run by a group of trustees – is working with Wendover Parish Council and the County Council on potential plans to remodel and expand the library building. The trustees are aiming to put in a bid for funding to the HS2 project which would enable them to finance the improvements.

To help with the funding bid, the Library trustees want to hear from local people on what they would want from a revamped Wendover Library. Ideas could include more community-based services and new flexible space in the building for other community activities.

It’s important the plans reflect local needs and wants, so library users and local people are being asked to fill in a survey to tell the trustees what they’d like a new library space to offer. It might be more study areas, better technology, more quiet reading space, meeting rooms/rooms to hire for the local community or something new – the trustees need the views of people from Wendover and the surrounding areas to progress their plans!

The survey will be live from Monday 16 September – Monday 14 October.

People can go to the library to collect a questionnaire or complete it online at:

Philip Mitchell is Chair of Wendover Library Trustees. He said:

“We really want to be sure that library users and the local community have been involved in our plans to improve Wendover Library as we move this project forward.

So I’m calling on all local people to fill in our survey either from Wendover library or online – it’s really easy to do and it means we will be able to fully incorporate the views of local people as we progress these plans.”

Gareth Williams is Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health. He says:

“We are supporting the trustees with this project and I really hope they are ultimately successful in securing the funds to proceed with improving the library. There is a real opportunity here for local people to be a part of these plans and I urge people to fill in the survey and give the trustees their thoughts as they press on with this proposal.

Libraries are at the heart of any community and Wendover is no exception – if the funding bid is successful this is a chance for us to move with the times and to create a fantastic local library space fit for modern life, offering traditional book lending alongside other community facilities.”

Tom Walsh, Chair of Wendover Parish Council said:

“We want the funding bid to be successful as it would be great to press ahead with improving the Wendover Library building. It’s already a popular community facility and we could get even more out of it by expanding what the building offers and giving the community more useable space.

So please do take part in the survey and give us your views.”