Inspiring Women – Bletchley Park Podcast

The August 2014 edition of the Bletchley Park Podcast, Inspiring Women, is available now on Audioboo’s Bletchley Park Channel and iTunes. This month, the podcast delves into cybersecurity, the pioneering work women did at Bletchley Park during World War Two and listens in on a heartwarming conversation between the Architect who led the restoration of Bletchley Park and the Hut 6 Veteran who inspired her.

Architect Janie Price bumped into Veteran Jane Fawcett, who met HRH The Duchess of Cambridge inside the newly restored Hut 6. Jane was Janie’s tutor in building conservation, she taught at the Architectural Association and was an expert in historic flooring.

Janie told her “I’d seen your name on the list and made efforts to find your telephone number – it was in my old filofax in the bottom of my wardrobe.”

Jane said “I didn’t teach my students about Bletchley, of course, I wasn’t allowed to. I rang up some old boffin and said I’d signed the Official Secrets Act, and that I’d been asked to give a lecture to the SAS. I thought I must just tell somebody so they said ‘That would be perfectly alright, you’re not likely to say anything of any interest’, which I thought was rather rude.”