“It might sound corny but fostering has made me feel fulfilled”

Diane is a foster carer in our network here in Buckinghamshire – and she’s helping to change the lives of children who’ve been through a really tough time. “I know I have made a difference and it beats going out to work!”, she adds!


We’re celebrating all our foster carers and their families as we kick off ‘Foster Care Fortnight’ in Buckinghamshire (10-23 May), exploring this year’s theme of #WhyWeCare in full!


There are currently over 500 children in Buckinghamshire who need a safe and loving home. People go into fostering for all kinds of reasons and we want everyone to know about the process, the support and most importantly, the rewards that fostering can bring.

Our foster carers are part of a wider team around the child and become part of a friendly, welcoming network. We know fostering isn’t without challenges, but our support helps you to do the best you can. You might feel worried or daunted about the process – but please don’t be concerned – get in touch and we can answer any questions you have.

This Foster Care Fortnight, as well as Diane, we have also asked some of our other carers what the #WhyWeCare theme means to them:’


It’s about giving back the opportunities and care to children which were taken away or denied through no fault of their own“- Patrick


“We care for children that are not so fortunate as others. Life is for living, and it’s an honour and pleasure to help the younger generation to live life to the full. We help direct and support and become a friend. It feels so great when they achieve their goals in life” – Christine and Ray


Every child deserves to feel safe and loved and cared for so that they can thrive and grow to fulfil their full potential. Fostering gives us the welcome opportunity to be part of that process and give children the life chances they might have been deprived of. We love it!” -Annette


Tolis Vouyioukas is Director of Children’s Services at Buckinghamshire Council. He says, “We know fostering is a big undertaking and people think long and hard before committing, but I want to let as many people know that we are ready to help you make that leap.


If you are thinking about fostering or know someone who is, we will provide all the information and support you need. We especially need more carers who can foster brothers and sisters, children with additional needs, or who might be able to consider long-term fostering.


Despite the trauma experienced by children coming into care and their difficult start to life, good relationships with foster carers can help to transform their lives and enable them to flourish. Look out for the #WhyWeCare hashtag on social media to find out more!”