It’s easier than ever to stop smoking this Stoptober

Smokers across Buckinghamshire are being invited to take the plunge and quit smoking for good this month as the annual Stoptober initiative launches.

Now in its tenth year, Stoptober is a national campaign run by Public Health England which encourages England’s six million smokers to quit with support and encouragement from a range of free sources.

Buckinghamshire’s 47,000+ smokers can take now take advantage of a new way to stop smoking in the form of a trial using e-cigarettes. The percentage of adults who smoke in Buckinghamshire has increased from 10.3% in 2018 to 11.3% in 2019 and many more people have admitted smoking more as a result of the pandemic. The benefits of stopping smoking include better health, more energy and financial savings. Research shows that smokers who manage to quit smoking for a period of 28 days are five times more likely to quit for good.

Cllr Carl Jackson, Deputy Cabinet Member for Public Health said: “Stoptober provides the best time and environment to start your ‘quitting smoking’ journey. Here in Buckinghamshire, there is lots of fantastic local support available to help you achieve your goal.

“If you’re looking to use this Stoptober to quit smoking for good, take a look at the Council’s Live Well Stay Well programme for support, help and advice. We have just launched a new e-cigarette offer as part of the support available to help smokers quit the habit.”

Visit the Live Well Stay Well website or get information direct to your phone by using their text service.

E-cigarettes (or vapes) are electrical devices which vaporise e-liquid into an inhalable form, and users inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke. Unlike regular cigarettes they don’t burn tobacco or produce tar or carbon monoxide which are shown to cause serious diseases such as cancers and heart conditions. Research has shown that e-cigarettes are the most popular method of quitting smoking in England and are 95% safer than smoking.

This offer is open any smoker who is keen to quit, is aged over 18 and is not pregnant. Participants will receive a starter pack in the post which contains one vaping device and a selection of e-liquids. Support and guidance will be given from the team on how to use the e-cigarettes, or other ways of quitting smoking which are available.

Buckinghamshire’s Live Well Stay Well advisors can help residents find the right support for them. Visit their website for more information: Alternatively text QUIT to 85222 or VAPE to 85222.