John Colet’s Blue Day

Once again students and staff at the John Colet School participated in a special mufti day to raise awareness of National Anti-Bullying Week (17th – 21st November).

The school has in place a team of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, made up of 5 sixth formers and 4 year 11 students. The group help anyone and everyone in the school with issues or problems that students might have. The newly founded group decided to run the mufti day to raise awareness of the importance of Anti–Bullying in everyday environments.

The Ambassadors also ran a competition for the wackiest dressed person in blue and the bluest person; Adam Galloway (8G) won the prize for the person wearing the most blue; he wore a spectacular morph suit. Laurie Baxter (also in 8G) won the wackiest dressed person who wowed the school by dressing as a blue bug.

The wacky dress idea reinforced the belief that no matter how different you are, the community of John Colet School will always support every individual.