Joint Statement regarding DfT refusal of HS2 Mined Tunnel near Wendover

After the extremely disappointing news that HS2 is going ahead, we along with our MP are dismayed that following his written question on HS2 the Department for Transport have ruled out reopening the legislation to allow a mined tunnel. We have along with Rob fought for this and other mitigation for our residents over a number of years. We are all absolutely convinced that a mined tunnel is needed in Wendover, it would reduce noise for residents, protect the landscape, be better for the environment, and enable the A413 to be dualled in the future. HS2 costs have soared and there are delays even before a length of track has been laid.

From our perspective, we do not think that there is a single reason to refuse proposals that are resoundingly backed by local people and their representatives. We strongly believe it is only right to spend time and money to build a tunnel that would make such a massive difference to Wendover.

We will continue to push the government to reconsider this decision, whilst also lobbying for improvements to the mitigation proposed for this ridiculous political vanity project which will have repercussions for our piece of Buckinghamshire for generations.

Rob Butler MP Aylesbury

Cllr Steve Bowles AVDC (Wendover and Halton Ward)

Cllr Peter Strachan AVDC (Wendover and Halton Ward)

Cllr Richard Newcombe AVDC (Wendover and Halton Ward)