Jones Hill Wood – Notice Of Works

Notice of works provided by Fusion JV on behalf of HS2:

The notification includes details on the forthcoming programme of work at Jones Hill Wood ahead of the future construction of the railway.

In December we wrote to the community with information about the construction of a temporary internal access road between Great Missenden and Wendover Small Dean. The temporary access road will be used to transport excavated materials and construction equipment along the line of route. This access road will help us keep HGV (heavy good vehicles) within our working areas and it will reduce the need for transporting large loads on the local road network. Once our preparatory works, and the internal haul road, is constructed, we will start the construction of the railway.

As our works continue to progress, we have been acquiring and taking possession of land along the line of route for various site preparation and construction activities. Part of Jones Hill Wood falls within the boundary of the required construction and operational railway footprint. The temporary access road will also pass through this woodland site. The two phases of works planned over the coming months are explained in detail within the community notice.

We are continually reviewing the works on our construction sites in line with Government and Public Health England (PHE) advice on dealing with COVID-19. Our security services are working within the guidelines to safely manage and where required remove protestors in the area.  Moreover, the teams are working closely with Thames Valley Police to ensure safety procedures are followed stringently.

The full notification can be viewed here.