June is busting out all over!

This is one of the best months for visiting a local BBOWT reserve and seeing the wildlife of the Chilterns. Aston Clinton Ragpits reserve is famed for its orchids, Bacombe Hill has junipers and great views of the Vale, Weston Turville Reservoir offers level paths and lakeside spots to picnic while Dancersend has everything – woods, meadows, secret valleys and its own offering of unusual plants if you know where to look. The BBOWT website give access details of each one and if you are lucky you may still find a place on a guided walk in June or July – email jonesmick365@gmail.com for the latest on these. Finally College Lake with its easy walking circuit, lakes, picnic tables, cafe, book and gift shops has something for everyone and is due to be open every day in June from 9.30am.

Richard Birch