Ken runs for SSAFA

Ken Ivory, a Sgt in P1, completed a 50 k race at the weekend. He was supposed to run the race earlier in the year but due to Covid Lockdown it was postponed. However he still had the option to complete the event virtually or choose to run the distance anywhere and at any time of day between 9 and 29 November. He decided to run the original course, three loops of just over 10 miles and as there was no racing officials his car had to double up as the checkpoint, start and finish. He started at 0700 which enabled him to complete the course in daylight and within the maximum time of 9.5 hours.

“Ken said: “Due to the horrendous weather, stormy with torrential rain it was hard going but extremely satisfying to complete.

“I am completing the event for the charity SSAFA, who I’ve had the honour of being their treasurer for the last 27 years. I would be grateful for any financial support as this charity is at the forefront of helping servicemen and women in and out of the Service, the link is below.

“I’ve always loved running cross country and after finally breaking the 3 hour barrier for the marathon in 2008 I needed to find another challenge. So I ran marathons and further all over the world; Portugal, The Alps, The Himalayas, Germany and South Africa. The challenge is to test myself without becoming permanently injured”.

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