Kids – Get Stuffed!

When a mother of two looked for a learning equipment library for her children (ages 4 and 7) and couldn’t find one, she decided to set one up herself. Betty Beston, of Weston Turville, wanted a way to inspire her boys beyond books and the internet, but simply couldn’t afford to buy all the hands-on things she thought they would find exciting, like models of the human body, microscopes, rock collections and sewing machines. “I hoped to find an equipment library that I could use, but nothing seems to be available locally” says Betty. “When I asked around to see if anyone else would find such a resource useful, I got an overwhelming positive response. I figured if we needed one, and other families needed one, then I should start one!”

Betty hopes to open the library in July before the schools break-up, so families can make use of the equipment over the summer holidays. But before she can do that, the not-for-profit library, named ‘Stuff-ed’, needs funds and donations of educational resources to equip the library and pay for things like insurance and storage boxes. “Without stuff, there’ll be no Stuff-ed, so I’m reaching out to the local community for support. If there are families with grown-up children with educational equipment they no longer need, we’d love to have it. If people are willing to donate money (I’m trying to raise £1000), or buy us something from our Amazon wishlist, then we’d be so grateful”.

For Betty, Stuff-ed has become so much more than a personal need. “I believe every child should have access to educational equipment to use at home: to inspire educational enthusiasm, support individual interests and encourage a diverse learning experience. But very often families cannot afford to purchase equipment to fulfill the educational needs of their children, or they don’t have the room or desire to keep lots of things that might be used only a few times. What a gift it would be to be able to help families enrich their child’s education in a very practical and engaging way”.

If you are interested in helping Betty get Stuff-ed off the ground by donating money, please visit If you are interested in becoming a member, or want to donate equipment, please visit