Knitting on Trees in the Path of HS2

Julia Drummond has undertaken a knitting project:

“I first discovered yarn bombing / guerrilla knitting or tree tagging as I prefer to call it when visiting a friend in Leiden in the Netherlands. It was winter and some trees in the town square were covered in it.

“Right from the first announcement about HS2 back in March 2010 I was terribly upset about the effect it would have on the Chilterns and the Vale of Aylesbury, and many areas I know well and walk in frequently.

“In a moment of inspiration in 2013 I decided to start knitting and wrap the long ‘scarves’ around trees which either stood directly in the path of HS2 or on trees at points where the view of the line would impact greatly on the countryside or locality.

“I was not short of locations to do this. The first were mainly around Wendover where the line will have a devastating effect (tunnel or no tunnel)

“In Stoke Mandeville, there are currently eleven trees with knitting on. HS2 will cross the A4010 at Stoke Mandeville near to the Goat Farm and Obsidian Art Gallery, it will also cross Marsh Lane just along from the primary school and Nash Lee Road after it has left Wendover. Some roads will have to be rerouted.

“Most of the scarves have stayed put, though one or two have been removed. Most people like them, and whenever I’m out installing them I always talk to passing walkers, and have found that many people out in the countryside, have no idea how HS2 will impact on the very areas they are walking in, especially if they are not local.

“There are a number of trees with knitting on near Wendover and Dunsmore, and there are more to come…”