Last chance to bid!

Cpl Daniel Vincent (SIB) is currently taking part in the charity ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’, which raises money for the children whose parents died whilst in service.

The charity created a ‘Scotty’s Challenge’ workout which people could partake in and raise money for the charity. However,  Daniel wanted to raise money by doing something a little different, and created the painting, which is a 24×20 inch board canvas.

It is currently up for auction until 30 November 2020. It has a current bid of £120.00.

All money raised from the painting will go towards the charity, Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

Daniel said: “The painting took me roughly 12 hours over three evenings.  I did it to try and do something a bit different so people can bid for it rather than just donate. Painting is a newly founded lockdown hobby but I have always painted on and off throughout my life.”


If people wish to bid for the painting they can contact Daniel via email,


Or via my art page on Facebook: