Lavendon students go ‘site’ seeing at Milton Keynes development thanks to safety visit

Pupils from Lavendon School have been given a practical lesson in site safety following a visit to David Wilson Homes’ new development Lavendon Fields recently.

Lavendon Fields – Site Manager Dan Casey with some of the children from Lavendon School

The school’s Year One class were invited along to the new homes site on White Canons Drive where they met with award-winning Site Manager, Dan Casey, to learn more about housebuilding and how to stay safe around a building site.

The aim of the visit was to demonstrate what goes on at a building site and all of the different trades that work at the development to craft new homes.

The pupils also learnt about the different skills and processes involved in building a new home, which fit in with the class topic this term of “Home Sweet Home”.

The group was also taught how to stay safe on site and learnt about the dangers presented on a building site from Dan, before seeing some of the construction team in action.

John Dillon, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said: “We’re always on the look-out for the homebuilders of the future, and we wanted to give local students a glimpse of what it’s like to work on a new homes development like Lavendon Fields.

“These visits are also a good way to teach local students all about the dangers of playing on building sites, whilst promoting the importance of staying safe at all times.

“We hope that the pupils at Lavendon School had a good day with our team and that they all took away some useful information.”


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