Leading Developers’ Bedtime Tips for Moving Home

The month raises awareness on how important our beds are when it comes to a good night’s sleep, but many underestimate the importance of relaxing our bodies and minds as well as creating a calming atmosphere, which is especially important when moving to a new setting.

With the expertise from The Sleep Council’s advisers, the leading developers have unveiled its advice for how new homeowners can get their head ready for bed.

Jason Hearn, Sales Director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said: “We’re working with The Sleep Council to provide those in the process of moving with top tips on how to get settled into their new bedroom.”

“Setting time to ease off at the end of the day can be difficult, but it’s important to get into the right headspace to ensure you sleep better,” says Alison Raine, Sales Director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes Northampton.

“Whether you have just moved or are a resident simply looking for a bedtime routine to stick to with ease, we hope that our tips can help everyone wind down.”

Barratt and David Wilson Homes’ and The Sleep Council’s top tips include:

First things first, make the bed

Moving house can play havoc with sleep and it’s important to relax before bed rather than unpacking. Your sleeping surface is extremely important to how you sleep so get your room ready immediately by making the bed and hanging curtains first, to block out external light and make a space that’s perfect for rest.

If you are looking for ways to mellow out, turn off your mobile phone half an hour or so before bed, listen to soothing music or practice mindfulness and meditation. You’ll be surprised how simple tasks such as these can help you sleep soundly.

Set a sleepy scene

If you’re wondering how to set up your new bedroom to ensure you get some shut-eye, the five star homebuilders and The Sleep Council suggest keeping technology and gadgets in another room. Use your bedroom solely for sleep as the light emitted from your phone and laptop can suppress melatonin levels, making you feel less sleepy.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a comfortable bed, making sure your body is relaxed as well as your mind is necessary for sleep. The best bedrooms for rest are cool, dark, quiet and clutter free, so destress your mind by de-cluttering your new room and make a neat place for your belongings.

One of the many advantages to purchasing a new build home is that you’re getting a blank canvas that you can make your own. Incorporating some of these tips into decorating your home is sure to improve your quality of sleep.

Make time to unwind

Moving home can be a time-consuming process and if parting with those precious minutes is a problem, then choose the things that relax you the most and drop activities that don’t.

If you’re bored in a hot bath, skip it. If reading is not something you enjoy, opt for an audio book instead. Bedroom routines aren’t set in stone and its important to find the right activities that relax and suit you, to ensure you’re not wasting your time.

Time to clock off

Some people may feel that it’s hard to shut down with everything there is to fret about, so The Sleep Council suggests writing your worries down. It may seem silly, but it helps to unburden worries and get them out of your head just in time for bed.

Those who work from home or even take it to bed with them, should leave their job in the study where it belongs and set a time to completely clock off. If you want to have a productive day in work, it all starts with your sleep.

Many of the leading developers’ larger properties provide a study for residents to keep their work separate from evening leisure. The seclusion of the office allows you to keep the spaces separate from the bedroom, which creates a better headspace for sleep.

“To be in the right frame of mind for sleep, you need your body and mind to be relaxed”, said Lisa Artis, Sleep Advisor at The Sleep Council, “lying in bed whilst working, or doing other important things is not conducive to falling asleep.

“Even the busiest of people including those who are moving, can make time for 30 minutes before bed and the next day, they will be thankful they did!”

To find out more about the work The Sleep Council does log on to the website at https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/.

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