Learning at the computing museum that brings history alive with the latest tech

Image courtesy TNMOC

A state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) creation platform is the latest addition to the acclaimed Learning Programme at The National Museum of Computing thanks to a donation by CoSpaces Edu.

Head of learning at TNMOC Anne-Marie Sandos explained, “The CoSpaces Edu technology platform enables our visiting students to create and manipulate virtual environments through computer programming. This brings computer coding alive and is a great motivator for them in developing their hidden skills. It is suitable for all of our Learning Programme students whatever their age – from 10 to 18 and beyond – and is much appreciated by visiting schools and colleges.”

Founder and CEO Eugene Belyaev of CoSpaces Edu said, “It’s amazing to think that students are using our technology in a museum that traces the eight decades of computing progress behind us. In this context, kids will be able to get a sense of how fast technology is evolving, where they stand within this incredible history and how they can play a part, starting with learning the necessary skills and exploring their creativity.”

CoSpaces Edu was created by Delightex, a company offering innovative educational technologies to enhance the learning experience. At Delightex, we envision a future in which learning isn’t motivated by test scores, but by rewarding experiences letting students try new things and discover what they are capable of while helping them understand the world around them.

The highly popular Learning Programme at The National Museum of Computing provides educational groups from the age of 10 with unrivalled insights into the development of computing. See www.tnmoc.org/learning for details.