Lindengate Bio Blitz

Lindengate Mental Health Charity in Wendover are holding a Community Bio Blitz in June, instead of our Summer Fair.
This is an intense period of biological surveying to record all the living species, flora and fauna, at Lindengate.
The reason behind our BioBlitz is to future proof our 5 acre site, to make sure it is healthy and sustainable, so we can continue our unique work of supporting people with mental health needs through the power of nature. We believe strongly that if you nurture nature, nature will nurture you.
We are working with many local and national conservation groups, scientists and naturalists, volunteers, RAF Cadets, members of the community, schools and businesses to help us conduct an intensive field study over a continuous time period of 24 hours on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2020.
We plan to begin at 5 pm on Friday 5 June, to set any overnight traps such as moth traps, small mammal traps and possibly bottle traps for newts, carry out a bat survey and set up a moth sheet.
Lindengate plans to capture statistics about breeding birds, amphibians and botany and are keen to build links with more conservation and recording groups for the future and hopefully begin regular surveys going forward.
On Saturday 6 June we will set up other surveys including bird ringing, checking moth traps and small mammal traps from the night before. We will also be surveying invertebrates, butterflies, wildflowers and other plant species around the site.
These will offer opportunities for everyone to get involved. Records will be sent to BMERC (Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre) who collect and share information about biodiversity and geology in Bucks and Milton Keynes. BMERC are the UK’s largest partnership for nature, with over 200 members and more than 225 million wildlife records available through the National Biodiversity Network.
If you would like to support our Crowdfunding campaign and make a donation towards our target of £5,016, please click on this link
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Your donation will NOT be taken from your account until Lindengate reaches its target of £5,016 after 31st May 2020.If we do not reach our target, no monies will be taken from your account.
Please be assured that your donation will supporting Lindengate Mental Health Charity to future proof our site, to enable us to support people with mental health needs in the coming years.
Please call Anne Mills on 01296 622443 or email for further information.