Lindengate Charity – August 2022

We know you will have been thinking of ways to improve staff wellbeing, retention & reconnect your teams. We have solutions that we can prove will help you.

What’s in it for you?

  • We can help you regain and maintain a happy & productive team
  • Our award winning programmes improve team and individual wellbeing and build resilience
  • Half day, seasonal nature based activities, working together with your team, in our wildlife gardens
  • We can help you support team members struggling in the workplace, or signed off work, working alongside expert Lindengate volunteers

Don’t just take our word for it:
“One of the nicest things that ever happened to me was in the middle of the pandemic, I went to visit Lindengate and was invited to take 15 minutes’ walk around the gardens before our meeting. It was one of the best 15 minutes of the 2 years of the pandemic”.
Karon Hart, Deputy Director, Workforce Wellbeing, Bucks NHS Healthcare Trust

“Since visiting each Wednesday for a number of weeks, my colleagues at work have commented on how I am more relaxed and in a better frame of mind.”
Regular visitor to Lindengate Open Gardens

Our unique 6 acre gardens are open to all on Wednesdays 4.30 – 7.30pm & Saturdays 1.30 – 4.30pm, with free entry to wander amongst the wildlife, discovering, learning, relaxing & reconnecting with nature.

For details on how you can support your team, community and environment, visit our website