Lindengate “Mindful Message” Competition

This spring, Lindengate is inviting entries to their “Mindful Message” Competition. It’s a way of challenging everyone to think about their wellbeing and how connecting with nature can improve and sustain this important aspect of our lives.

Lindengate is a mental health charity based at World’s End just outside Wendover, the charity welcomes over 70 Gardeners each week who use gardening, art, craft, construction and cooking help them deal with a variety of mental health needs. Our Gardeners tell us that Lindengate really changes their lives, with comments like “I can go out there in the world now, feeling in a much calmer and better place” and “it gives me that sense of purpose and meaning that I’ve been looking for”.

At the same time Lindengate carries out important conservation work in partnership with the District Council and national conservation groups.

Lindengate’s volunteers also report an increase in their wellbeing just from the time they spend at the five-acre site includes a pond, wildflower meadows, kitchen gardens, a Sensory Garden, a tree and wildflower nursery area and various types of beds. It was this that inspired Lindengate to make their 2018 competition about the connection between nature and wellbeing.

So put together an artwork and submit it either as a photo or an A4 picture, digitally or on paper before the deadline of 1st June 2018. Your artwork needs to express, in a combination of image and words, how you find nature improves your wellbeing or that of someone close to you. You can paint, photograph, photoshop, draw, or create a collage so long as the final version you submit is either an electronic file less than 2MB or a paper copy A4 or less, and don’t forget to add your few chosen words which must be in English and are an important part of the entry.

The winners will be announced at the Lindengate Fair on 9th June 2018, our annual garden fete that allows everyone to enjoy the beautiful gardens when they are at their very best and find out more about what we do.

Competition information and rules are on the Lindengate website at or can be sent to you if you contact us on 01235 622443 or

Written by: 89