Lindengate – October 2020 report

We are delighted to be able to start running some of our programmes this month.

Rest & Reflect continues to be a success, with over 750 visitors since opening our gates in the middle of June, offering anyone who has been affected by COVID-19, a peaceful environment, to take time for themselves.

Wellbeing Pathways, our weekly programme, for people with low to moderate mental health needs.  We have started the process of enabling people to come back to Lindendate, based on nature based activities in groups, linked to our Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Nurture Pathways, for all care workers, looking after someone at home, in their home, a care home, or similar environment.  Take part in arts and crafts activities or gardening,  on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, between 10am – 12pm, those attending will need to register in advance.

Planted is a six week programme, for 13-15 year olds, starting on Friday 25th September, between 08.45am – 10am, focussing on one activity each week, linked to our Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Healing Pathways is for adults and children aged 13-15 years, bi-weekly over 6 weeks.  Again, using the Five Ways to Wellbeing, to provide hope, support and understanding, for those experiencing loss, grief and bereavement.

Minority Women’s Wellbeing Group, for adults, taking place every month, starting 3rd October, supporting women from the BAME community, offering a safe and relaxing environment to build resilience and improve wellbeing.

We also have very successful kitchen gardens.  Our produce is used as part of our nature based activities for our Gardeners, for cooking projects and sold locally at Buckmoorend Farm, to bring additional revenue back into Lindengate.

For further information on our current and forthcoming programmes and Lindengate, please visit our website