Lindengate Volunteer Week

Saturday 5th – Sunday 13th August

When is a break not a break?

When it is Volunteer Week at Lindengate!

Every year Lindengate gives its Gardeners (service users) an annual summer break, when the site is closed for its Gardeners to take their summer holiday. But for the volunteers it is probably the busiest week of the year! Because during this week the volunteers and staff can undertake major structural projects, catch up on maintenance and have a good tidy-up.

Last year, in just one week, Lindengate’s volunteers and supporters completed a long list of major projects: constructed accessible paths for the sensory garden, laid turf lawns and constructed not one but three ponds! Also a huge earthwork nicknamed the ‘Giant’s Armchair’ was created from the spoil, providing an elevated viewing platform of the garden and a wild flower haven for the Lindengate bees. Lindengate co-founder Charlie Powell says that “Summer is always a great time at Lindengate because the garden Is in full bloom, so somehow we seem to get more done! But we always need more volunteers. Not just to water the plants and keep the weeds at bay. But to help us keep the site in tip-top condition and kick-start major projects. Volunteer Week is a great way make a difference to mental health and have a great time outdoors.”

This year preparations have already begun for the construction of two new buildings; two log cabins that Lindengate has been given by kind benefactors. Its volunteers have spent several weekends carefully labelling each panel and part before it is disassembled and transported to Lindengate ready for construction during the Volunteer Week.

Our volunteer coordinator Diane Kolonko says that “Lindengate always needs extra help during this special period and it is great time to try out volunteering as there are tasks to suit everybody. So whether you want to help build a log cabin or something less energetic, know lots about gardening or are a complete novice, work all week or less, there will be a job for you! Most important, Volunteer Week is great fun and is a great opportunity to make new friends. One of the highlights of the week is a Volunteer BBQ.”

If you would like to take part in Lindengate’s Volunteer Week, download a volunteer application form

Alternatively contact the charity directly via or 01296 622443.

Written by: 89