Lindengate welcomes new leadership

Lindengate is delighted to welcome new Director, Jan Webster, to lead its transformational organisation and the Lindengate community to the next phase in its evolution.

We are delighted to welcome Jan, whose experience is both vast and specialised – an ideal skill set for meeting the needs of our multi-faceted organisation.

Jan has over twenty years’ experience in supporting organisations with leadership, planning, evaluation and fundraising. Operating in some of the poorest communities in Africa, within challenging environments, Jan has initiated a well-respected flourishing organisation that works with brain trauma survivors.

As an advocate for the positive mental health movement Jan Webster is the visionary leader required to usher Lindengate through a critical time in its expansion.

I am privileged to join Lindengate, an exemplary organisation able to support a variety of different people with a wide spectrum of needs. Our vision for the future is to actively encourage our service users’ voices to get stronger. We aspire to become leaders in the mental health conversation, with a view of raising the profile of mental health awareness.”

The award-winning mental health charity has recently celebrated four years since opening its doors to service users, referred to as ‘Gardeners’. Lindengate offers specialised gardening activities to help those with mental health needs in their continuing recovery.The charity’s services, known asSocial and Therapeutic Horticulture(STH), use the healing power of nature and the outdoors to improve mental wellbeing, boost self-esteem, promote social inclusion and encourage recovery. Social and Therapeutic Horticultureis recognised to be beneficial for a wide range of mental health needs including anxiety, depression, loneliness as well as for people with autism, dementia and head injury.

In 2018 Lindengate was recognised with the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire Award for Services to Mental Health, as well as the Gold Award for the Environment Category in the BBC Three Counties Radio People’s Award. Building on a robust foundation of success, Ms Webster aims to consolidate the many lessons that Lindengate has learned, while keeping the spirit of Lindengate thriving as it grows.

Written by: 117