Local Author Sarah Kempster releases “The Creatures”

The Creatures

by Sarah Kempster

Published by Olympia Publishers

30/01/2020 – £5.99 – Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-78830-271-5

Category: Children’s Fiction

Cara was always told never to talk to strangers and to always keep up so she does not get lost. But then she meets an odd-looking creature in the lane, something with fluff and huge eyes, which cries when they meet, so Cara takes his hand and is transported into the magical burrow where he lives. The burrow is a whole world below the ground, inhabited by Mr Frump’s many friends, creatures unlike those Cara has met before and they are hungry. The source of their food has dried up and they need Cara’s help to find out why. Cara’s horror when she learns the cause of famine drives her to heal it, using her own special magic. Will she be able to restore the food source and bring happiness back to the burrow and the world?

Sarah Kempster is a passionate writer who has written many pieces of work for most of her life. A graduate from The University of Hertfordshire, with an English Literature and Film BA Hons degree, she flourished in writing for online magazines, reviewing media work and creating her own websites and writings. Her love for animals, a fairer world and feminism brought to life The Creatures. She works full time and writes in her spare time, with the ambition to always tell a story that will make a difference.