Local charity asks you to Give a Gift this Christmas

The Chilterns MS Centre in Wendover has today launched its first ever Christmas appeal.  It is asking supporters to give £35 towards helping people with multiple sclerosis to learn to adapt to living with the incurable condition, regain a sense of purpose and lead a fulfilling life.

MS affects 1 in 500 people in the UK and has a massive impact on the mental and physical health of someone living with the condition.  The campaign focusses on one of the Centre’s members and highlights the devastating impact of MS on them.  Paul, who lives in Aylesbury, was diagnosed in 2013 and his life was turned upside down by his condition but with the help of the Chilterns MS Centre his life changed for the better.  They show him how to overcome obstacles caused by his symptoms and how, with the right support, he could regain a sense of purpose and confidence to lead a fulfilling life again.

The charity has been supporting people affected by MS for 35 years and now, more than ever, it needs support from the public to ensure it can continue to help its members through this pandemic and beyond.

If you would like to find out more, or to donate, visit www.chilternsmscentre.org/giveagift