Local Cycling Group gets a new name!

From June 1st this year Aylesbury CTC (Cyclist Touring Club) will be changing its name to ‘Aylesbury Cycling UK’.

This local club is part of the national club Cycling UK, which changed its own name from the CTC in 2012 to reflect its changing role and now Aylesbury CTC want to do the same

In the early 20th century touring was the mainstay of the CTC, but cycling has evolved and far less people tour on bikes. Now Cycling UK’s emphasis is on encouraging people from all walks of life to take up cycling, whether it’s just popping out to the shops, down to the pub, or joining group rides like those run by Aylesbury Cycling UK.

Last June with the help of Wendover News, Aylesbury CTC launched a new programme of leisure rides. These have proved very successful with up to 20 people joining its regular Sunday rides which have also been popular with female riders, who sometime outnumber the males!

The rides all have leaders and alternate weekly between Newcomer rides and Easy Pace rides. The Newcomers are 15 to 20 miles at a nice relaxed pace, and the Easy Pace a bit further up to 30 miles. Some of the new riders hadn’t cycled since childhood and have become the mainstay of the group.

This year under its new name of Aylesbury Cycling UK, the club hope to build on their success and encourage even more people to join their rides. It’s not just about the pleasure of cycling, it’s about meeting new people, making friends, seeing our beautiful countryside and having the safety and support of group riding. It also helps that there is a tea break during each ride at one of Bucks many great cafes for bacon rolls and cake to reward riders efforts!

For those who want to stretch themselves a bit more, Aylesbury Cycling UK also run faster Step Up and Moderate rides. Further information can be found on the clubs webpage, search for Aylesbury Cycling UK or email the club at aylesburycuk@gmail.com