Local Face: Ivan Cammack

Local optician, Ivan Cammack is very pleased that in June 1995 he moved to 23, High Street, Wendover, opposite the Manor Waste. Car parking is available in the lay-by outside these premises and in the nearby Library Car Park. Level access to a ground floor practice will make life easier for all who find steps difficult to negotiate. Another welcome development is the expertise of a full time dispensing optician and a choice of over 750 frames to suit all ages and pockets. Home visits have always been a feature of the practice and will continue for the housebound.

After graduating as an ophthalmic optician from Aston University, Ivan went to manage a private practice in Thame. The opportunity arose to buy the practice, which he did in July 1986. Expansion came soon with the opening of a new practice in the upper floor of Holly Court, Tring Road in November 1988. Further expansion took place in January 1995 with the opening of a new practice in Tring.

All these extra premises could not be run without a very loyal staff. Mrs. Ros Barnes MBCO has been working at the Wendover practice since 1991 and will be moving to Tring. Mrs Sally Sculfor MBCO has been with the practice since 1992 and will stay in Wendover. Jackie and Diane will continue as receptionists.

In the 60’s and 70’s Mr Lewis of the Turner and Browning Optician practice in Chesham came to Wendover Pharmacy on Monday afternoons. Appointments were made in the shop and clients taken to a back room for the examination. Mr Lewis was also happy to make home visits. This service continued into the 80’s when the retirement of Mr Lewis coincided with the change in ownership of the pharmacy.

For a short while an itinerant seller of spectacles used to visit the market but with the arrival of Ivan Cammack, Optometrist, at last Wendover had a fully qualified and fully equipped practice, now removed to the centre of the village.

National Health sight test exemptions were changed in April 1989 but many people continued to benefit, particularly children under 16 (under 19 in full time education), those on Income Support or in receipt of Family Credit. For these people NHS Vouchers are available to help with the cost of spectacles. Some medical conditions such as diabetes or a close family history of glaucoma can also mean eligibility for free sight testing. Similarly, testing service men for their defence issue spectacles is free. Ivan Cammack is also happy to offer a reduced fee for sight testing to OAP’s although this is not subsidised by the government. All types of spectacles are available including varifocal, light sensitive, anti reflective coatings for night drive glare and VDU’s. Modern technology has made available many different materials including thinner lenses for high prescription spectacles.

A full contact lens service is offered including gas permeable, soft lenses, multi focal and bi-focal lenses. It is now possible to correct astigmatism with contact lenses using a toric lens.

Ivan Cammack and Ros Barnes also took sessions at Halton Eye Hospital from Spring 1989 until early 1994. They cared for post operative patients, particularly those treated for cataract and glaucoma. The unit is now closing so no new patients are being taken and this connection with hospital work has ceased

With his expansion into new premises, Ivan Cammack and his colleagues are looking forward to providing comprehensive eye care for Wendover’s inhabitants.