Local Face: Jeremy Swinnerton

Jeremy Swinnerton grew up in Beaconsfield but made sure he moved around a bit before settling down. Most recently, he spent two years in Guernsey in the holiday trade. He reminisces, “I loved the islands but could never have residency so I decided it was time to settle down and get a proper job.”

Moving to Wendover as a commuter in 1988, Jeremy was immediately welcomed by the Villagers. He especially felt at home in his two “locals”, The King and Queen and The Red Lion to which he is still loyal.

This made him feel he wanted to be part of Wendover and make his contribution. “I watched developers destroy a good community as I grew up. Wendover retains a friendliness and character now rare in the South East. I got involved with the Carnival because I feel groups like these demonstrate care for the community. I’m no NIMBY; we can’t stop change but hopefully can influence its calibre, impact and speed the foundation of this influence is all these sorts of groups.”

Jeremy joined the Carnival Committee three years ago at a time when the then chairman, Mick Card was wresting the group from financial disaster. Ably supported by his committee, he got the organisation into shape and the Carnival is ready to move back to a more prominent position in the Village.

The philosophy of these people appealed to Jeremy because they were committed to FUN. Admittedly, the Wendover Carnival had always had associated events like the Coombe Hill Run, Wendover Horse Show and the Triple Bowls Challenge. Now was the time to expand the programme even more. Talents abounded and soon a group were grappling with the Sponsored Three Peaks Challenge. Then they added a more family oriented activity, the Treasure Hunt. A very enjoyable evening event was the Sixties Dance, most recently a Tribute to John Lennon. Looking at the age of the participants has led the latest committee to organise a Gig for young adults in May this year featuring local bands.

When Jeremy joined the committee, he was given the onerous task of publicity. He responded by producing a new look FREE programme delivered to every home in Wendover. This will expand to carry information about other groups apd events in a spirit of cooperation, not rivalry. He is delighted that, “Generally, the support for us is very encouraging, especially among the approx 95 business people to whom I wrote at the beginning of the year.” You will be pleased to know that it is not yet too late to take up your advertising opportunity. Roll up, Roll up, Carnival time is nearer than you imagine!

The committee has been on a roundabout this year and Jeremy is now the Chairman. So what is new? Things mentioned have been an Arts Festival, a Victorian Evening, the return of the Fun Fair, events for teenagers and older people or one fundraising project. New ideas are very welcome. The organisation is already up and running – why not use it, or better still, join? Don’t forget they need YOUR VIEWS ABOUT YOUR CARNN AI…

Jeremy remains doggedly optimistic although he feels the job would suit an older, actively retired person so that he can get on with his exams.