Local Face: Katie Atherton

Katie Atherton was born in Bristol in 1982 but her family moved to Weston Turville just in time for her to join year 6 at Weston Turville Combined School. She hated the idea of moving to a completely unknown area and going to a new school. However, she made new school friends and was pleased to be going to John Colet School for her secondary education.

Now when she goes back to visit family and close friends she says she prefers it here, although Aylesbury cannot compete with Bristol and Bath for teenage entertainment. Katie is sure that the new cinema complex in Aylesbury with its coffee bar, snack bar and wine bar will make a big difference.

Katie only knew a couple of people at the John Colet before she came however the two day induction in July helped her to settle in straight away. She has always found it to be a good school, suiting her down to the ground.

One of the things which attracted Katie to John Colet was sport. In fact, up to and including year 11, she was in all the squads and teams available to her: netball, hockey, athletics and basketball. She is very sorry that sports are not part of the post-16 National Curriculum.

One of her objectives as new Head Girl is to introduce more sport into the sixth form. She knows that there is no teacher availability at this level but she would like to see some informal team practices and friendly fixtures, involving staff and other local sixth forms.

During Year 11, Katie explored the possibility of continuing her education at college but during the Induction week she realised that it did not suit her. So she returned to John Colet School and once again found herself in exactly the right place. Her chosen ‘A”-level subjects are Geography, Business Studies and PE. She has found ‘A”-level study much harder than expected but she is very happy with the support given by staff.

Katie has been extremely happy living in this area, attending John Colet School but is aware she will soon have to move on. After consultation with County careers advisory service in Aylesbury and seeing all the Halton personnel locally, she is planning a career in the Forces, hopefully RAF.