Local Face: Ruth Lovell

Ruth Lovell spent the first 13 years of her life in Ireland until the sudden death of her mother when it was decided for her that she should go to England and live with her Aunt in Ashford, Middlesex.

Her first job was with Staines Urban District Council where she was required to man the switchboard. It was there she learned to modify her Irish accent as a result of much teasing.

Ruth’s Aunt was a regular churchgoer at St. Hilda’s in Ashford and organised breakfasts of tea, toast and home-made marmalade after morning service. Ruth taught Sunday School. A member of the Church encouraged her to apply for work at the local Lloyds Bank which she did and as the Bank grew, she became secretary to the Bank Manager. It was a happy association for six years. In 1965 she married David and they left Ashford as his job took them to Cambridge. Whilst there, Ruth worked for Cambridge City Police and was much amused as every Wednesday afternoon students came to claim their bikes which were not regarded as stolen, “just borrowed to get from A to B”, abandoned, then reclaimed. Two years later her husband’s promotion took him to the London area. Looking at the map, Wendover seemed to be a good area to relocate to as it appeared to be only 35 miles from London. Reality was, however, at least two hours drive each morning.

Ruth joined Reeds Executive Agency in Bond Street as a temp going to various locations and became a permanent legal temp at Lincoln’s Inn Fields. In 1973 she left work when her son, Alan was born. There was much rejoicing as it was a long awaited event. He was a good baby which enabled Ruth to help the then Vicar of St. Mary’s, the Rev. Milroy with his mountain of paperwork whilst Alan slept in his pram in the Vicarage Porch. This all had to cease with the birth of her daughter Rosanna in 1974 but brought her into contact with Wendover Mother and Toddler Group and its President, Mrs Puckridge who Ruth supported into her 90s.

In 1980 Ruth was bringing up the children single-handedly. She was a keen Yoga practitioner and with the kindly persuasion of the Adult Education head, Mr. George Butcher, was encouraged to train and teach the subject. She went on to specialise in Remedial Yoga, and Yoga for those with M.E. For 25 years Ruth taught for Bucks County Council. She then continued on a self-employed basis retiring in November 2010. Her leaving was beautifully marked by her beloved pupils, some of long-standing, by a grand farewell luncheon. She is now acting as a supply teacher.

Ruth took a course in Natural Healing and was registered as a healer in 2000. In 2009 she gained her Healing Counsellor Certificate. During this time she has been an active member of St. Mary’s Church as a pastoral link and now serves on the Bereavement Team where she is able to make use of her training, and indeed her life experience.

During the lean years of her life Ruth appreciated the support she received from the community, her Church, and her GP, Colin Riley who proved to be a sure and steadfast support to the family who are her pride and joy.

With thanks to those who supported her over the years she quotes the following:
“From you I receive, To you I give
Together We Share, By this we live.”